Azzahra Foundation

The Azzahra Foundation founder

Le fondateur de la Fondation AzzahraSheikh Mohammad Nadim Al Falih Al Taie was born in Iraq in 1945. He is an intellectual scholar of great faith. He maintains close relations with the authorities of the Muslim community worldwide as well as members of different faiths. Renowned for his moderation and openness to Canadian society and its institutions, he leads spiritually the Foundation focusing on close cooperation with other establishments of the North-American democracy. He studied at several schools as well as academic and religious universities. He left Iraq in 1970 and from there he began a journey that took him to several countries. He successfully managed to build several Islamic institutions in Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon and most recently in Canada.

WORDS FROM THE FOUNDER: Since its inception in 1989, Azzahra International Foundation is committed to substantially promote religious goals and build a prosperous Muslim community integrated to the host society while preserving its cultural, moral and religious heritage. To achieve a positive participation in the Canadian and Quebec societies, the Foundation succeeded in establishing close ties and open cooperation with various groups in our community, as well as offering specific services to all citizens without distinction of origin.
Each year the Foundation celebrates all religious community events in general and religious festivals in particular : The Birth of the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.), the sacred month of Ramadan, the Ashura festivities (the new year’s celebration of the Hegira).