Our Activities

The activities:

The activities of the Mosque and the Social, Cultural and Community Center are as follows:

1 – Daily prayers at 13h00 ( summer schedule ) or 12h00 ( winter schedule )

2- The Friday prayers are also with the Imam of the mosque and include a Khutba (sermon) at the end.

3- Religious teachings every Thursday at 20h00 followed by a light meal .

4- Lessons from the Koran and religious teachings for women every Tuesday at 14h00 .

5- Lessons from the Koran and other religious teachings for men every Sunday after the Maghreb and Isha prayers.

6- Arabic language lessons for teens over 12 years, every Monday after noon prayers

7 – Arabic language and moral lessons for teenagers under the age of 12 , every Wednesday before Maghreb prayers,

8 – Winter camp during the students spring break period, with the participation of junior scout groups,

9 – A community picnic for individuals and families every Sunday during the summer,

10- A special program during the sacred month of Ramadan, including a daily free community dinner followed by important lessons about the science of belief, the religious doctrine and the Koran.

11 – Celebration of religious festivals such as Mawlid Al Nabawi, Al Isra’a and Al Miraj (see the list of religious activities for the year ( 1434-1436 / 2014-2015 )

12 – A summer school for the teaching of the Quran , Arabic language and religion, three days a week during summer at the camp.
13 -Open Door at the Mosque every year for the celebration of the end of the holy month of Ramadan,

14 – A special program for the celebration of the Hegire new year Ashura’s main event. A free community dinner is offered to all participants ,

15 – Special private lessons for families who are requesting it, either at home or at the center.