About us

About the Foundation

Azzahra International Foundation is a religious non-profit organization with a mandate to promote the Muslim religion through activities and services rendered to the Muslim community.
Beneficiaries who turn to the Foundation for charitable purposes are:

1 – The Muslim newcomers:

a) They are either refugees arriving with their families or alone, seeking asylum in Canada. Their cases are being considered by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for years.
b) Or, they are legal new immigrants simply looking to settle down and live their transition period leading to their integration. They attend regularly the Foundation for a spiritual retreat which includes among other activities daily prayers and other charitable services.

2 – Local Muslim residents:

a) Young families and individuals : It is obvious that immigrants from Muslim communities are going through pretty rough times to accomplish their integration into the host society across Canada and in particular, in Quebec.
b) Elders : The Foundation welcomes elderly people who are by themselves or in couple. They attend most of the religious activities and receive special treatment with all due respect Muslim tradition dictates for seniors.
c) Young : Dozens of young people who are at the crossroads between integration into North American life and the traditional education received at home are also among the patrons of the Foundation.
Highlighting Islamic values, traditions and practices, the Foundation offers its services to the entire Muslim community in Canada.
Mr. Ali Falih, who acquired the Islamic religious title as Hajj, is the son of the founder of the Foundation and acts as the corporation’s Director General. He was appointed by the Board of Directors.