The Social, Community and Cultural Center


The Social, Community and Cultural Center is virtually a multicultural hub and plays an important role with local citizens and newly arrived families of immigrants in Montreal. It provides ongoing support services that cover all stages of their integration process in the province. Our primary concern  are helping the newcomer to become responsible citizen, proud of his roots and able to adapt to the new host society.


* You need to contact the CLSC for health information, a hospital for admission, access social welfare services or a school registration.

* Your children are having difficulties at school

* You may need sometimes food donation or a meal

* You may be facing legal problems

* You feel that your rights have been undermined

* You are looking for housing, an apartment or you have a problem with your landlord

* You are looking for a job

* You would like to learn French or English or enhance your knowledge in both languages

* You would like to integrate the Quebec society, and participate in recreational activities


Azzahra International Foundation is here to support you.


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