The Fatima Azzahra Mosque


The Fatima Azzahra Mosque is on the ground floor of the Foundation main building located at 3642 Fleury East, in Montreal-North. The Mosque has a capacity for 300 faithful, a library as well as an administration office. In the basement, there is a community hall that could host 200 people, a fully equipped cafeteria for meals and banquets preparation, a storage space and a podium. The name of the Mosque is in memory of Prophet Mohammad's (P.B.U.H.) daughter Fatima, and this place must always make reference to it. The Mosque is under the spiritual guidance and religious counseling of Sheikh Mohammad Nadim Falih or a qualified Imam. The Mosque keep its doors freely open to all those who wish to visit and pray The cult of Islam with all its rituals and facets must be celebrated on a daily basis according to a prescribed schedule which is announced orally during prayer's time or published on leaflets and distributed in advance.  The Sheikh and the Imam are learned scholars and must ensure religious services and prayers five times a day during a lunar year.

Major celebrations of the Hegira calendar are organized and published in the community newspapers.

Any faithful who would like to discuss or inquire about a topic in particular on Islam or the services provided by the Foundation may do so at the administration office during the opening hours.

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