Al Morthada Association


Al Morthada Association specializes in religious and civil wedding contracts. It provides all necessary steps for the two kinds of marriage. It offers the Muslim community wedding certifications according to Islamic laws and the official registration as per the Quebec Civil Code. It is registered at the Quebec Civil Status since 1990, and hundreds of weddings are taking place at the association every year.

The documents required to enter into a marriage contract are:

1- Documents proving the identity of each of the would be couple as well as the legality of their stay in Canada must be requested and verified.

2- The religious marriage according to Koranic ''Sharia'' law shall not be legally performed unless it is done between two adults of opposite gender and both consenting.

3- The marriage ceremony must be ratified by the witnesses of each party.

4- The official marriage certificate must be provided to the spouse and a copy is sent to Quebec Civil Status, within 15 working days.

5- Hajj Ali Falih, Executive Director for the Foundation is mandated by the Quebec Civil Status administration to receive the miscellaneous marriage requests.

6- These marriage requests can be sent by phone, by fax message or simply dropped at the administration office. An appointment is set for a preparatory session to ensure the presence of both parties, and a wedding ceremony date is booked.


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